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Jun 6, 2012

"Napalm Girl" Photograph Taken 40 Years Ago Bonds Photographer and Girl

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Posted by: Jessica

You've probably seen the photograph.

A nine-year-old girl running naked down a street in Vietnam after a napalm attack.

But not many people know the relationship that was built between Associated Press photographer Nick Ut and the girl in the photo, Kim Phuc.

For the last four decades, the two have kept in touch and had many reunions. But what Ut didn't know after he drove the little girl to a hospital to save her life is that his famous photograph would take away Phuc's freedom for years to come.

Not often does a photograph bond the photographer and subject for decades and decide the fate of both people's lives.

To read the story of these two amazing individuals, please click here.

*Photo by Nick Ut*

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