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Sep 25, 2012
Posted by: Jessica

As I was shooting a commercial assignment for the University of Tampa at the Don Cesar Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, I stumbled upon this shot of a surfer heading out to the water. I'd be lying if I said I meant to overexpose the photo this much but sometimes we get lucky and get a cool shot from a "mistake."

There, I said it. Not everything we shoot is intentional art. My photographer buddies are going to be so mad at me!

Nonetheless, enjoy!

Sep 1, 2012
Category:Events General 
Posted by: Jessica

If you don't invest in your business, why should anyone else?

If you don't have a professional head shot of yourself yet, this event is a great way to purchase one at a discounted price. For group sessions, the cost is only $110 per person and you receive FIVE final high-resolution images to keep and use for your marketing or social networking purposes.

NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM: Bring a new guest or two and receive a discount on your head shot!

One new head shot client=$10 off your session

Two new head shot clients=$25 off your session

Three new head shot clients=Your session is FREE!

Just a reminder...A professional head shot is one that is taken by a photographer with studio lighting and preferably a clean backdrop. With all the money we invest in our business, a $110 head shot should be an easy decision. If you don't need a head shot for your business, maybe you know someone who does. I appreciate clients who spread the word of my business so I try to reward them as often as possible!

If you'd like to compare prices with other companies offering head shots, please read this blog. I hope this information helps!

What: Professional head shots

When: Wednesday, September 26, 2012;  2-5 p.m.

Where: Cheval Golf & Country Club, 4312 Cheval Blvd, Lutz, FL 33558

How much: $110 plus tax = $117.70

Payment: Payment is due in full at the time of the session in cash or check (made out to Jessica Leigh). If you'd like to use Paypal, please do so before the day of the session. Thanks!


What the head shot session includes:

*Five final images to keep & use with unlimited rights

*Minor digital retouching (ex: blemishes, skin tones, scar removal)

*Editing/toning/cropping of images

*Option to choose your pics from a raw image gallery (or photographer can choose)

*High-resolution images are emailed to you or burned to CD within one week of the session

Booking/RSVP: Jessica Leigh  813.468.0075

Aug 31, 2012
Category:News Events General 
Posted by: Jessica

When covering a massive political event like the 2012 Republican National Convention, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the scope of the event. However, with some planning, organization and a little flexibility, it always seems to work out! It was a wonderful day spent in my home town covering what is hopefully not the last national political event to be held in our great city!

The RNC spans several miles in downtown Tampa. The 15,000 members of the media are set up in the Tampa Convention Center, the nightly events with speakers like presidential nominee Mitt Romney are hosted in the Tampa Bay Times Forum and the protesters are in the tent city dubbed “Romneyville”, several blocks away from the tight security that surrounds the other venues.

And don’t forget all the folks that put this entire week together (I call them “worker bees”) and the ones who keep it going like the fine folks at Tampa Bay & Company who created the Social Media Command Center held at St. Leo University in downtown Tampa.

While it may take me a few days to edit through the photos, I wanted to post a few from some of the stops I made. While I did not cover the evening events, I did get to meet a slew of fantastic people in downtown Tampa and Ybor City

 Everyone pays attention to a man in a cowboy hat!

A fabulous, festive woman so excited to attend the RNC: “It’s like when you wear all your team’s colors on game day!”

RNC attendees board the “Ybor trolley” to catch a ride into downtown Tampa.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks to WNYC Radio at the Tampa Convention Center.

Fox News talk show host Geraldo Rivera interviews actor Stephen Baldwin at the Tampa Convention Center.

Google+ not only created a very unique media room at the Tampa Convention Center but the web giant also knows how to please journalists: free snacks and free coffee ALL DAY LONG. These poor baristas had a line full of shaky journalists the whole time!

The free coffee in the Google+ room was provided by a favorite local coffee spot, Buddy Brew in south Tampa. Thank you!!!

One of the super slick ways to “play” in the Google+ room was to sit down in this booth (nice light too) and record a message for a member of the military. That’s just a wonderful thing to offer!

Swank, comfortable chairs and bright colors graced the Google+ lounge.

Although I will never understand what most protesters are trying to say, they are always fun to photograph! (William Poe Park, Tampa)

Members of the Junior State of America take a break from their schedule to snack in Centro Ybor.

RNC media use the plush Tampa Bay & Company booth in the Tampa Convention Center to relax and take a break from work.

The hard workers at the Social Media Command Center at St Leo University in downtown Tampa pose for some silly portraits. I love meeting other people who love their job!

The savvy team from Spark interviews Tampa Bay & Company’s fearless leader and VP of Marketing, Doug McClain.

Police on horseback patrol downtown Tampa during the RNC.


All photos copyright 2012 Jessica Leigh Photography. Contact Jessica Leigh to request these images.

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